backyard sunshine

The scenery in my world has changed a bit since my last post.  Reluctantly, I’ve left the Sonoran Desert to return to Colorado and take care of some loose ends.  I’m hoping that being here in the late summer and fall will allow for some photo opportunities with the continued rain and warmth.  Yesterday, the sun finally came out after all the rain and flooding and so I took a walk around my house with the macro lens.

Lichen … copyright g. joder 2013

This wet bee was clinging to the sunflower like a ship wreck survivor clinging to a life raft. Copyright g. joder 2013

Flies are pollinators too! Copyright g. joder 2013




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2 responses to “backyard sunshine

  1. KMJ

    Happy to see you are safe.

  2. I love lichen – all the different colors of it. Moss as well and you should see some mushrooms I would think. That poor bee.

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