afternoon at the waterhole

Here are some short clips of the critters that visited the waterhole yesterday:


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4 responses to “afternoon at the waterhole

  1. Love the coyote, Greg! Can you recommend a good trail camera?

    • Hi Ruth … sorry for the delay. I’ve been looking at buying a couple more cameras. I like a trail camera to have 1080 HD video and sound capabilities. All of the videos since last September have been taken by a Bushnell NatureView Cam HD Max. This camera also comes with lenses that allow for 8″ and 18″ closeup capabilities for bird nests or small mammal holes and it can capture video and photos at once. My only complaint about it is that the night video is grainy. Otherwise I think it does great. There are other brands, but I think Bushnell is a good one. They have cameras that are 720 HD that have crisper night images, but with no sound. I like capturing the sounds too since that can add to the video. I guess the best way to choose is decide what you want to capture (photos, videos and/or sound) then look online to see what is available then do a youtube search for a review of the cameras you’re interested in – that gives you an idea of image quality. I wouldn’t buy a cheap model (<$100) B and H photo has some pretty good prices on trail cameras. Hope that helps! =0)

      • Excellent, thank you! I have a game trail in my backyard and would love to see what passes by during the night while I’m sound asleep. I’d also love to put one by my hummingbird feeders, just for fun. The Bushnell NatureView sounds like it has the features I need. I’ll keep you posted!

  2. Wonderful congregating at the waterhole. Missing the desert.

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