nighttime at the waterhole

A previous post showed the wildlife activity at the waterhole during the day, so here is the action at the waterhole from last night:


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6 responses to “nighttime at the waterhole

  1. Jill Alzina

    Thank you, it was lovely.

  2. Thanks, Greg. Miss home. Miss these animals although we have been treated to a red fox crossing our field in the evenings. An American Kestrel trying to get at the baby bluebirds. It is always something in nature if you pay attention, isn’t it?

  3. Oh this makes me look forward to our trip back to Kruger in 2016. This time I hope to see a leopard.

    • To see a leopard would be amazing! There have been sightings of jaguars here in southern Arizona, but to actually see on in person seems impossible. I hope you have an outstanding trip to Kruger!

  4. Ooooops, not 2016, 2015 next May we will be back self driving in Kruger….

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